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Who is Net32?

Net32 was founded to be an advocate for dentists. The core of Net32 is dental supplies and their community centers around the purchase, care, and use, of dental products with over 35,000 product reviews and over 4,000 vendor reviews — by dental professionals. Net32 allows dental professionals to reduce their overhead significantly.


Drive online sales and build a community of dental professionals who broke free from the typical sales cycle and now save money on all of their dental supply purchases.


  1. ​Net32 was not utilizing any online advertisement before partnering with MCV

  2. The dental professional market is conditioned to purchase through sales reps for dental supplies, must re-educate the market

  3. Determine highest quality audience prospecting across various subsets of dentistry

Services Provided

  • Facebook Ads

  • Linkedin Ads

  • Ad optimization

  • A/B testing copy and creative

  • Creative design

  • Creative copy writing

  • Data dashboard

  • Reporting on conversion quality

  • Weekly Meetings with Team

  • Organic Social Posting

Our Approach

  1. Built Linkedin & Facebook advertising strategy and framework from the ground up

  2. Use A/B testing to drill down on highest-performing creatives and develop strong prospecting campaigns to acquire new customers along with strong remarketing campaigns to encourage repeat business

  3. Determine the most optimal mid-funnel driver for conversion

  4. Monitor and continue to optimize ads and audiences to consistently increase ROAs and overall revenue MoM

Facebook Ads

Copy of Quote Meditation - Instagram Pos
Copy of Quote Meditation - Instagram Pos
Copy of Quote Meditation - Instagram Pos


Developed a highly successful platform for online growth, increasing overall revenue by 15,500%. MCV helped build a base of loyal, repeat customers, as we continue to assist in rapid expansion MoM.

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We love working with MCV Consultants. Maggie and her team built our Facebook and Linkedin digital advertising from the ground up. They've helped us scale and optimize our B2B acquisition through these channels for a year and a half, and they continue to be terrific and nimble partners for Net32." 

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Shreya Key

 Head of Marketing, Net32

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