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Who is Mamie's Pies?

Mamie's Pies reimagined how pie is enjoyed. Using family recipes passed down for generations, Mamie's created the pocket pie, a single-serving, handheld, mini pie to enjoy any time of the year! These little pies are all-natural, frozen, and unbaked, and ready to pop in the oven!


Launch Mamie's Pies digital marketing strategy and direct-to-consumer sales through a new Shopify store, email marketing strategy, and more!


  1.  Mamie's Pies online storefront didn't exist before working with MCV, and with an endorsement from Oprah's Favorites, Mamie's Pies needed an online presence, and fast!

  2. With a lot of local recognition and support, Mamie's needed to capitalize on what they know about current customers to develop sound prospecting strategies for customer acquisition across the country.

  3. There was no clear digital marketing strategy in place with an attainable path for growth across all platforms.

Services Provided

  • Creative copy and messaging

  • Ecommerce store creation

  • Email marketing

  • Facebook and Instagram ad creation/optimization

  • Blog creation/creative writing

  • Instagram refresh and monitoring

  • Holiday campaign planning and execution

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing video production 

  • Product photography

Our Approach

  1.  Hit the ground running with creation of Ecommerce storefront, desiging sales funnels to increase customer acquisition and retnetion.

  2. Re-evaluated and re-designed social platforms to improve the brand aesthetic and provide another viable sales funnel.

  3. Built a strong customer profile based on current purchasers to drive ads and expand customer list.

  4. Designed, launched, and optimized holiday campaign to capitalize on sales and customer acquisition.

Shopify Ecommerce Web Design


Organic Social Refresh

Copy of Quote Meditation - Instagram Pos
Copy of Quote Meditation - Instagram Pos

Holiday Ad Campaign



Through ad creation and optimization with the launch of our holiday campaign, we were able to capitalize on holiday traffic, successfully launching Mamie's Pies online presence.

Over the year following our campaign, not only was there a 200% increase in sales, but a 130% increase in customer rentention and 150% increase in online traffic.

Marketing Video

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Maggie and MCV Consultants have been working with our team here at Mamie's Pies for about two years. In all of Maggie's endeavors, her insight, acumen and strategic thinking have guided our successful marketing strategy, blog content, organic social media and more! No matter the challenge, MCV has shown an unparalleled ability to pivot and turn out highly professional, thoughtful and engaging solutions. Whether ongoing projects or quick one-offs, the work product from Maggie and MCV is produced in a quick, timely and accurate manner. Quite honestly, we would not have the meaningful and impactful social media platform and presence that is part of the core of our success, without the creative approach and solutions that Maggie and MCV provide us."

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0313876E-9ACC-420B-9699-0AA5C42CA2A3 (1)

Peter Scherr

COO, Mamie's Pies

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